About Us


Here at big dog bounce our goal is to make every guest feel special.  We want every kid who enters to leave worn out and happy and every adult who enters to leave a little bit more relaxed.  We believe the way to do this is to care about our customers and give them our best.

Before we can make our customers feel special we need to earn their trust. The best way to earn trust is to have core values that we live every day. Here are the core values that every Big Dog Bounce staff member lives by every day:

We believe in integrity

      We will not ever deceive, cheat, or deliberately mislead.


We believe in value

We believe that the way to prosper in business is to provide good value to our customers. We will always strive to find ways to make our customers’ lives better and provide it at an affordable price.


We believe in healthy fun

We are here to help families stay healthy. Our reason for existing is to provide a healthy and active entertainment choice for kids. We are here to provide entertainment options that strengthen the family bond and provide opportunities for quality family time together.